I was born and grew up in the State of New Jersey.  I remember when I was a little boy World War 2 began  and everyone knew they had a job to do. My job was to take care of our Victory Garden. So, that’s when I began learning How to Grow Great Tomatoes.  It was a very small backyard garden but my father taught me how to get started. Then we also grew other vegetables  as well but Jersey Tomatoes were the most desirable.  The only other thing of note in the backyard was a sour cherry tree and I remember my father covering the ground with old sheets, climbing up the tree and shaking the branches so the cherries would fall. Then he and his brother made some kind of awful wine with them.

In later years I moved to the central part of New Jersey which was still rural at that time and had many farms.  Where I  now live with my family was once a potato farm but the topsoil was mostly removed as homes were built,  So I was left with clay  to try to grow a garden.  In my posts I will explain more of  How to Grow Great Tomatoes in any kind of soil.