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Tomato Stakes or Cages

Stakes or Cagesalways a great question.  Some people like tomato cages because after they are put in, all you have to do is put the branches thru the holes.  I like Stakes much better even though I have to tie up the plants. The Stakes enable me to keep heaping soil up around the stem as the plant grows  and to mulch them better.  The Stakes also last a lot longer than the cages.

Bag of Coffee Grounds

Welcome to Tips on How to Grow Great Tomatoes. I will be adding tips as often as possible.

For our 1st TIP
As it gets closer to planting time ask your local coffee shop if they will save a few Bags of Coffee Grounds for you. Sprinkle in the soil especially if yours is Clay or on the heavy side and dig in as you prepare the planting area. It will help to break it up and add important minerals for the Tomatoes back into the soil .